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Lisa Riesner is an actress, writer and creator. She grew up in the South of Germany while her father is austrian and her mother is from the german-polish border both were refugees to their home due to political situation and postwar. Lisa studied rhetorics and worked as a journalist in Brussels she invented her writing skills throughout her life since having the dream to be a writer with 14 years. She studied acting 4 years at the Checkhov Institute Berlin with diploma and is since then working in the industry mainly Film/TV and a bit of theatre. 2022 she played in a leading role next to Rune Temte (the last kingdom/ captain marvel) and Lukas Louhgran ( The billion dollar Code netflix) in a teaser for a series. 2022 she will play Rosalinde ( Shakespeare) in Berlin Globe. In July she will play the leading role in a teaser for a film that will be shooted in Copenhagen.



Linus James Nilsson is an actor from Sweden, born in Malmö in 1985. Linus studied acting in High school, when he soon got his first roll as a lead character in Capricciosa (2003) where he played against Rolf Lassgård and Noomi Rapace. Linus moved to Los Angeles 2010 where he studied performing arts/acting at SMC. Lives now in Malmö

Cast: Besetzung & Crew
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Gemma Karlsen


From a very early age, Gemma was very passionate about expressing herself through acting, theatre and music. She and her friends made up and rehearsed plays, which they invited the neighbors to come see. During her school years, she has always been involved with school plays, musicals and youth theatre.

After graduating from elementary school (10 years), she decided to do acting full-time and, thus, went straight on to acting school in Copenhagen for 1 year at Ophelia School of Acting (Meisner technique). Upon graduation, Gemma moved to London, only 17 years old, to take acting to the next level. She enrolled with Kensington and Chelsea College (Stanaslavski technique) and studied acting for 2 years. She finished with outstanding grades.

Today Gemma lives in Copenhagen, Denmark doing, feature films, short films and commercials.


Anaïs Parello


Anaïs Parello is a French-Spanish-American actor.

She grew up between Spain and the South of France, where she co-created a theater company in which she stayed for about a decade. Her work on cinema includes "The Ledge" (Howard Ford); "Offensive", (Jon Ford), both British horror films ; and "One Cage, Two Birds", an independent French movie by Mustafa Ozgün.

Her work on TV includes "Calls" by Timothée Hochet with Marie Gillain; "The Traveller" by Stephanie Murat (with Eric Cantona); and "Mortel" on Netflix. In 2018 Alexandre Da Silva gave her the main part in "I- Art", a mini series combining dance and science-fiction. Anaïs also stars in the first season of "Kiffe Aujourd'hui", directed by Aurélien Sallé.

In 2017, she wrote and directed her first short film, "The Dreamer". In 2020 she wrote "Smile" alongside actor and screenwriter Ivan Cori, to be directed soon.

Cast: Besetzung & Crew


Born in Moscow, she received her education at Moscow State University and Science Po in Paris, France. She trained in ballet at an early age, developing a passion for dance and acting. After an early career in journalism in Paris an Geneva, she moved to New York where she transitioned to acting full time. She graduated from Lee Strasburg Theater and Film Institute in 2011 and attended many other stage and screen workshops including Labyrinth Acting Intensive and Kevin Spacey Acting Camp.

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Anni Adler 


Anni Adler is an actress and producer, known for LeviziaDon't Shed a Tear - Fæld Ingen Tårer and Dark Dayz.

Cast: Besetzung & Crew

Sylvia Mayer


Sylvia Mayer is an actress, known for Sturm der Liebe (2005), Der Makler (2019) and Immenhof - Das große Versprechen (2022).


Hjalte Ilsøe

Punk Rocker

Hjalte Ilsøe Gustavussen is an actor and writer, known for Time (2021), Den TommeBalkon (2020)and Enten/Eller (2020).

Cast: Besetzung & Crew

Eva Pernille Bjørnholt 

Noble Woman


Johannes Stolberg


Cast: Besetzung & Crew

Carl Martin Norén


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Johannes Stolberg


Cast: Besetzung & Crew
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