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"I have created the story, because I have been surrounded by a lot of people not living from the heart, not being happy or being depressed. From my own experience, I learned that the social pressure in this society is really harming, and especially for men "To be someone" plays a crucial role.

Besides that I would like to stress another interesting fact: how divorce is still not accepted in society. As a Life Coach I have seen this many times. Waves of shame overcoming the couple and the entire family hindering the process of separation.

Along the way we are also addressing the topics on: Sexuality and its expression - How to touch someone? How to be in touch?

Thereby we are taking the post-pandemic vibe into close consideration and observing how the two main characters are handling this very differently.This film will showcase that true love exists (not in a cheezy Disney movie kind of way) and reality at the same time can be painful and difficult! So don't shed a tear, my love."

- Lisa Riesner, Writer & Producer

Vision: Geschichte
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