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About the Crew

"Don't Shed A Tear" will be produced by a young and female dominated crew to empower women in the film industry. The core production team is assembled of five strong, young and motivated women - Lisa Riesner, Anni Adler, Federica Valeria Rizzo, Eva Zanettin and Johanna Lameter.

They are working closely together with Malte Udsen from Storyline Denmark and Maan, the biggest film production companies in Denmark. Udsen is co-producing the film.

The production benefits from the #diversity of the team as the crew members are originating from different parts

of the world (Austria, Germany, Iran, Italy and Denmark) and additionally all bringing different professional backgrounds to the table.

Crew: Infos


Crew: Text

Creator, Producer, Actress

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Producer, Supporting Actress

Federica Valeria Rizzo foto.jpg

Federica Valeria Rizzo


Crew: Besetzung & Crew
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Eva Zanettin


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Johanna Lameter

Executive Producer



Crew: Besetzung & Crew
Crew: Besetzung & Crew
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Christian Gerhard

02 AC

Crew: Besetzung & Crew
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Lukas Plesner 

Light Assistance

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Anna Macchia 

Light Assistance

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Gloria Berenice Moreno

Script Supervisor

Crew: Besetzung & Crew
natasha figueroa Co writer script and space holder at the shooting .jpg

Co-Writer Script, Spaceholder

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Mirjam  Smit 

Set Design

Katarzyna Romatowska Set designer.jpg

Katarzyna Romatowska

Set Design

Crew: Besetzung & Crew

Cassendre Lyotier



Bela de Sousa

Make Up


Natalia Bajor

Make Up

Crew: Besetzung & Crew
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Oliver Förstner

Set Photography

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-01 um 13.31.35.png

Thomas Gibbon


Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-01 um 13.35.33.png

Bianca Christiansen


Crew: Besetzung & Crew
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